Projects for Physically Challenged / Mobility


Artificial Hand Gripper

 Provide open and close operations for a mechanical system hand

Electric Auto

 Auto-rickshaw running on rechargeable electric power

Versatile Wheel Chair

Multi-Control/Sensor mounted wheel chair for physically impaired and elderly people

Other projects. Please contact us for more details.

  • Balance shoe
  • Voice based home automation
  • Voice activated wheel chair
  • Mechanical limb support
  • Robo leg
  • Electronic Walker
  • Multi-purpose wheel chair
  • Crawling Device for the Paraplegic
  • Walking stimulator
  • Electronic knee Brace
  • Quadriplegic Tilt Communicator
  • Motorized wheel chair by using sip&puff tech.
  • Smart wheel chair
  • Android powered wheel chair
  • Functional electrical stimulus
  • Searching books in library for physically disabled people
  • Ankle adjustment

Upper Limb Impairment

  • Easy writer
  • Automatic page turner
  • Hand gripper
  • Single foot controlled mouse
  • Pressure activated robotic arm
  • Voice Operated Prosthetic hand
  • Writing Aid for Upper Limb Amputees
  • Smart T-Shirt for the Injured

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