Demonstration of SCube

Technology has a purpose only when it serves humanity . Sometimes our empathy for someone gives rise to an innovation. SMART SWITCHING SYSTEM not only offers comfort to a normal user but helps the paralyzed, paraplegic, visually impaired and elderly persons control their room’s appliances with accelerated ease.


Mobile App for Controlling Appliances

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Variable Intensity

Useful for devices like fan etc. that have regulator to alter current.

Auto Connects to Mobile


Connects automatically using Mobile’s Bluetooth connector

Multiple Appliance Operation

Control up to 10 devices simultaneously

User Friendly Application & Easy Installation

Budget Market Price

The Make in India Advantage. Quality product for only ₹1500. Contact us now to place your order.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Control is just a tap away

One Year Warranty

Warranty-one-yearCALL US

Free Support

Free Installation Support is just a call away

Noise Free Operation

You will not even notice it working behind the scene


S-CUBE, Smart Switching System is a mobile based smart home automation system for the lower limb amputees, visually challenged, elderly and bed ridden patients who cannot move around like a healthy individual to do their daily chores.  S-CUBE enables any user to control the home appliances speed/intensity through a mobile app. S-CUBE can help every household in general to save power and should be incorporated in the vision of “SMART HOMES/CITIES”. This can especially become the example of inclusive society for any physically challenged individual.


S-CUBE excels in its cost effectiveness. Also the inter connectivity of modules from the Master in S-CUBE is wireless whereas currently available models are wired from one room to another.

ONLY ₹1500

BVRIT-Narsapur ATL Innovation Center

BVRIT-Narsapur ATL Innovation Center


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