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Automatic, wireless water level monitoring system and pump/motor control


Smart Cane for Visually Challenged to help detect above knee obstacles up to 4 meter


Mobile Based Appliance Control with accessibility features

Liquid Level Identifier

Helps the visually impaired people to know the liquid level while pouring into a cup. 


Assists the dumb/deaf to express their basic needs by press of a button

Braille Math Trainer

Smart device to teach the visually challenged basic arithmetic calculations


Obstacle/human detection and voice navigation for visually challenged

Currency Color Identifier

Indian Currency Note Identifier for the Visually Challenged

Versatile Wheel Chair

Multi-Control/Sensor mounted wheel chair for physically impaired and elderly people

Map Identifier

 Map identifier  through verbal descriptions and presentation of tactile models and graphics

Fruit Identifier

 helps the visually  challenged people to learn the  names of the objects like fruits. 

Geometric Shape Identifier 

 visually challenged children to identify different geometrical shapes

Medicine Identifier

 Helps the blind and elderly people in taking the right medicine at right time without depending on any one

RFID Based Navigation System 

 Visually challenged to identify a location and to navigate from one place to another

Smart Belt

 The visually challenged people is to find their path  by avoiding  all the obstacles in their path, without using a stick in  hand 

Audio Visual Learning Aid

It improves the learning ability of mentally challenged children 

Snoezelen Bubble Tube

  provides multisensory stimulation, soothing to the people who suffering from dementia

Artificial Hand Gripper

 Provide open and close operations for a mechanical system hand

Third Eye

‘Third Eye for Elderly and Visually Challenged Persons’ to seek out their belongings.

Gait Training System

 The mentally challenged people is to motivate them to walk by playing music

Number Learning System

  It helps  mentally challenged children to learn the basic numbers

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